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This Baby Will Get Free Rides Until 25 Because of Train Birth

New parents in Paris might start taking the subway to the hospital now.


The French transport authority, or RATP, has gifted a baby boy 25 years worth of free rides after his surprise birth at a subway station in Paris. Eliane Barth, a mother herself, was riding the train one morning when she heard a woman groaning on the other side of the car. At first, Barth thought that it was just an aggravated adult dealing with kids, but it didn’t take her long to realize that the woman was actually going into labor.

“I was there with another lady, Aurélie, and we found ourselves alone. All of the people who had been in that part of the train had got off at Auber,” Barth told the French newspaper Le Parisien, and saying: “We saw the mother wobble. We laid her down and I just had time to take hold of the baby that was coming into my arms.”