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Thieves Try to Steal Shark From Aquarium By Disguising It As Baby

It is shark week after all, right?

San Antonio Aquarium

In one of the most boneheaded schemes in the history of heists, a trio of thieves tried to steal a gray horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium by disguising it as a baby in a stroller.

In the security footage, one of the men can be seen holding a blanket that appears to be wrapped around the gray horn shark. The thieves had grabbed the shark right out of the tank when an employee turned her back and, after quickly putting it in the stroller, tried to make a casual break for the exit. Fortunately, the stroller was dripping water and their actions caught the attention of another employee. Jenny Spellman, the general manager of the San Antonio Aquarium, confronted the trio in the parking lot but they refused to let her search the car.

Rather than fess up, the man in the truck took off with the shark, leaving his two partners in crime behind. Spellman called the police, who were able to track down the incompetent lawbreaker and safely returned the shark to the aquarium.

Shark theives

This is a video of the suspects. This is linking to the earlier post about the Horn Shark that was stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium.

Posted by San Antonio Aquarium on Monday, July 30, 2018

The whole story is so absurd that it’s almost funny, except for the fact that these jerks put the shark’s life at risk. They used a bucket that contained bleach and aquarium staff originally thought the shark might die. Thankfully, it’s in quarantine and doing just fine.