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These ‘Stranger Things’ Books Will Fill the Void Before Season 3

Two 'Stranger Things' books will be released this fall followed by a prequel in the spring.

The Netflix science fiction original that became a titan of pop culture will expand its universe into two books this fall, including a companion and gift book, followed by a prequel book next spring.

Stranger Things struck a chord with a massive audience as a pitch-perfect send up to classic 80s science fiction and fantasy films and aesthetic. Inspiring memes, Halloween costumes, and SNL sketches, it became a bonafide bolt of cultural lightning and, if waiting for the third season to come out next year feels too long, people can grab these books in the meantime.

The books are set to be published by Penguin Random House as part of a partnership with Netflix. The companion book, titled Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-The-Scenes Companion will dig deeper into the production of the first two seasons. According to Deadline, the still unnamed gift book, which will also be available in the fall, will “offer advice, wisdom, and warnings from the Stranger Things World.”

In addition to the companion and gift book, a novel designated as a prequel to the series is set to be released in the spring of 2016 and will be written by Gwenda Bond. Bond, who penned Girl on a Wire and Girl in the Shadows as well as a series of young adult novels about Lois Lane, confirmed on Twitter that she will indeed be writing the prequel and that it will focus on main character Eleven’s mother Terry.

The prequel will be geared toward older audiences, and give a rich look at Terry’s involvement with the MKUltra Program, expanding the universe invented by creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

Audio versions of each release will also be available. 

Stranger Things Season 3 does not yet have a release date.