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These Singing Baby Sharks Are Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

The song will be stuck in your head forever now if your kids get their hands on these toys.

The Baby Shark craze has just reached a new level. What started off as a catchy educational song for kids has become a plush shark toy that sings “Baby Shark” whenever you squeeze its belly. It’s like Christmas came early for kids. For parents, a new hell has opened up and it’s full of Baby Sharks.

There are three different sharks available for purchase: Daddy Shark, Mommy Shark and, of course, Baby Shark. As a parent, you have the opportunity to have your own singing Daddy or Mommy Shark. You could technically buy all three big sharks or buy the three stackable shark cubs and have them sing all at the same time. Pinkfong, who made the “Baby Shark” song, and WowWee partnered to create this nightmare. Triple the fun—and headaches!

You might be familiar with WowWee. This toy company is behind Fingerlings, which are electronic toys that were one of the most popular toys last holiday season. This Baby Shark is just plush, but we’re sure they’re working on a version that moves its tail and fins to the beat.

Parents could at least kind of control how often they can watch this “Baby Shark” music video. The “Baby Shark” video has more than 2 billion views on YouTube and sparked a dance craze. They can’t control how often your children choose to squeeze the Baby Shark toy.

Luckily for you, though, it looks like they’re all sold out on Amazon. This is an Amazon exclusive toy, so you can’t get it anywhere else. But don’t be totally surprised if an Internet-savvy relative managed to snag one or three just for your kids. Show your gratitude by putting coal in their stockings for making your kids super happy and hyper for the rest of winter break.