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These Parents Are Furious After Airline Held Their Kids Overnight Without Telling Them

"You are disgraceful! And harming these children!”


Having a child travel alone is anxiety-inducing enough, but knowing they’re being neglected by the airline is a nightmare parent should have to experience. Parents of nine children traveling unaccompanied on American Airlines are furious after the airline allegedly deprived the children of food for 24 hours and held them overnight without contacting their guardians.

The children were on their way home from Charlottesville, Virginia’s Camp New Friends, a program specifically for children with neurofibromatosis. 8-year-old Hudson Hoyt and eight other children were reportedly rushed to their connecting flight without food. Their second flight was then rescheduled for the next morning, and the airline kept the children overnight.

Hudson’s mother Kristie Hoyt told The Washington Post that not only did American Airlines fail to contact parents, but the children were unable to take their medications due to the lack of food provided. Hoyt says she was denied when she asked to speak to someone at American who could keep her updated. Hudson also spoke to the Post, saying “I felt scared. When the plane stopped moving, I was afraid I was never going to see my mom again.”

Hoyt initially drew attention to the situation with a series of Facebook posts. “American Airlines how are you ok with leaving 9 unaccompanied children all with medical needs on a plane for over 5 hours and not giving their parents updates?” she wrote. “Or allowing the kids access to electricity to charge their phones to talk to their parents? … You are disgraceful! And harming these children!”

American Airlines has since issued an apology but Hoyt says they have not reached out to her personally.

American Airlines your policy flat out states you will contact the parent of the minor children when flights delayed….

Publicado por Kristie Hoyt en Sábado, 10 de agosto de 2019