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These Cool Stephen King Shirts Aren’t Just For Scary Dads

Not all dads want sports jerseys for Father's Day. Some of us just want sick shirts with our favorite book covers...

If you’re a dad who grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, then one thing is almost 100 percent for sure: You love wearing weird graphic t-shirts. Whether its a faded iron-on Star Wars shirt you made yourself or some kind of inside joke about the Transformers or He-Man, who among us hasn’t purchased a graphic-tee out of pure dorky nostalgia?

Assuming any of that sounds familiar, and your notion of leisurewear is specifically connected with trying to dress like larger versions of the kids from Stranger Things, I have some good news. Out of Print clothing — a line of graphic-tees that focuses on doing book cover shirts — has just released a line of retro t-shirts featuring old-school Stephen King book covers. This includes ITPet Sematary, and The Stand, and The Shining. Check it out!

Credit: Out of Print Clothing

If old Stephen King books aren’t your thing, these shirts are literally the tip of the retro t-shirt iceberg. Out of Print has t-shirts that range from James Bond books t-shirts, Douglas Adams book t-shirts, Kurt Vonnegut book t-shirts, old Star Wars books and so much more.

Out of Print has been around for over a decade, and if you’ve ever found yourself in a hip bookstore then you already know about them. But, if you haven’t, or somehow have missed their great shirts, this Father’s Day might not be a bad time to snag a few great shirts. Even if your partner or kids might not think to get these shirts for you, you can treat yourself, right? I mean, what are you going to wear when you mow the lawn anyway?

Check out the new Stephen King t-shirts from Out of Print Clothing right here.