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These Bath Bombs Were Made to Help Your Sick Kid Breathe Easier

They release natural ingredients that fight stuffy noses.

Frida, the visionary company behind the boxer briefs that keep your crotch safe from kids’ kicks and the booger-sucking straw you never knew you needed, has done it again. Their latest innovation, BreatheFrida, is a bath bomb that can help decongest your stuffy kid.

All you have to do is draw a bath and drop one of the ounce-and-a-half spheres into the warm water. Like any other bath bomb, it will start fizzing up, making your bathroom smell delightful. And unlike any other bath bomb, it will start releasing ingredients that can give your kid much needed relief from their stuffy nose.

Those ingredients? Eucalyptus and lavender oils, great-smelling stuff you don’t have to worry about. The fizzing action comes from sodium bicarbonate a.k.a. baking soda. Each bath bomb also contains citric acid, aloe juice, menthol, and chamomile, among other ingredients.

Each bomb is individually wrapped so if you splash a few drops of water on one you won’t inadvertently start a chemical reaction. When you are using one on purpose, make sure the bomb completely dissolves completely, which takes about six to eight minutes. That’s important because you don’t want your kid to take a bite of a still-fizzing bomb. Frida also recommends that you use them only in full-size bathtubs.

If your kid is congested and miserable, you’d likely pay a lot more than eight bucks to make them feel better. That’s how much a three-pack of BreatheFrida bombs costs. And hey, eucalyptus and lavender oils don’t have an age limit, so the next time you’re sick why not pop one in the bath and give it a shot yourself?