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‘The World’s Hairiest Baby’ is the Latest Internet Phenomenon

This baby has a head of hair that should make some adults jealous.

@BabyChanco Instagram

At less than a year old, a Japanese baby named Chanco is taking the internet by storm with her extremely full head of hair. Born with a full mop in December of last 2017, Chanco has totally forgone the whole looking like a raisin phase that just about every baby goes through at the beginning of life.

Her Instagram, which currently has over 100,000 followers, shows the baby having her hair cut and styled in a handful of ways. While having some stranger fuss with their hair might bother some babies, Chanco looks to be pretty okay with it in all of the pictures. One video even shows her having her hair combed, cut, and blow dried all while she just calmly sits there and waits for it to be over.

In response to the video of her getting a haircut, some fans of the page begged her parents to never cut it again. While Chanco certainly can’t go her whole life and never get a haircut— though that would break the internet into pieces— fans of her locks shouldn’t worry. She was born with a mop that would give any metalhead a run for their money, and given all the length she’s acquired in a year, it’ll probably grow back in no time.

Still, how a baby’s hair grows is a bit random. All babies develop something called lanugo while in the womb. It’s essentially hair meant to keep you warm before birth. Most babies shed it before or soon after birth. But still, the hair that grows out of their heads is very different. Some babies are totally bald on their first birthday, but halfway through year two have long luscious locks. Those second-year locks might be curly, but by year three, they’re bone straight. None of it really levels and gets super consistent until you’re a bit older.