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The Weird Jessa Duggar Mom-Shaming Haircut Scandal Explained

She got criticized for not getting her son's hair cut professionally.

A baby’s first haircut is a momentous occasion for any parent, unfortunately for Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald, it was marred with controversy. When the Counting On star posted three videos of her cutting her 19-month-old son Henry’s hair, the mom-shamers attacked.

“So hard to keep a toddler sitting still for 15 min, but with daddy’s help, plenty of snacks, and a cartoon with brother, we managed to pull it off,” Duggar captioned her series of videos on Instagram. “Swipe left to see the outcome.”

Henry sat in a high-chair, and his dad plied him with raisins and Goldfish to keep the 19-month-old from freaking out. Duggar wet and combed her son’s six inches of hair and prepared for the haircut. “Aww, his baby curls,” Duggar said in the first of the three videos. She saved a lock of Henry’s hair as she did with her eldest son Spurgeon.

Mom-shamers swooped in and called Duggar out for not having a professional handle her son’s first haircut. They criticized her for her dangerous technique and also pointed out that there’s no way her son’s hair would grow out evenly. Henry did turn around several times during the sped-up haircut to see what Duggar was doing to his hair, but the presence of his older brother seemed to settle him down a little bit.

Fans immediately came to Duggar’s defense saying that there’s no harm in saving some money and cutting the baby’s hair. Duggar also did Spurgeon’s haircut, which was filmed for TLC’s Counting On in March when he was 18 months old. For Jessa’s first haircut Spurgeon sat on Seewald’s lap while cut. This episode didn’t seem to get the same amount of controversy as Henry’s first haircut, perhaps because it was not amplified on social media.

Regardless of social media’s reaction, it looks like Duggar is going to keep her haircuts in her home.