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These Top-Selling Costumes Are Going To Take Over Your Neighborhood Saturday

Princess, Batman, other superheroes, animal, and Frozen characters. No, it’s not your list of dream jobs; it’s the top 5 children’s costumes for Halloween 2015, in order, according to this year’s National Retail Federation survey of 6,754 consumers. But the results were released a full 10 days before Halloween, so keep an eye out for a late surge in sheet and scissor sales.

The NRF found princess to be the kid favorite for the 11th straight year (presumably dating back to when the survey began). Notably absent this year was Spider-Man, a top 5 costume for the past 4 years. Maybe news of yet another Hollywood reboot slated for 2017 was just too much for kids to bare. Or maybe they just lumped Spider-Man in with “action/super hero” where he belongs. Regardless, next year could see a major shakeup as Star Wars characters, who re-entered the charts this year at number 6, experience a post-movie bump — assuming the new film doesn’t include any Jar Jar Binks-level meltdown. FrightgeistFor a detailed analysis of the costumes people are considering all over the country, Google has you covered with Frightgeist, an interactive map of the 500 most googled costumes in every state. Without Frightgeist, how would you know that Batman’s slutty nemesis Harley Quinn is the most desired costume this year (especially, of course, in Vegas)? Or that folks in Altoona, Pennsylvania dig the hell out of giraffes — almost as much as Glendive, Montana loves “batgirl,” whatever that is.

When you look at what parents have purchased for kids, however, the top 5 costumes again remained sadly consistent, as they have since 2012. In fact, the only thing worse than kids’ lack of creativity is that of their parents. Decided to pull the old witch’s hat out of the closet again this year, did you? So did the majority of adults for the past 11 years, according to the NRF. Instead of ripping yourself off this year, maybe try ripping a costume idea from recent headlines — Pizza Rat is a can’t-miss costume ball champ.