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A New ‘Simpsons’ Short Hits Disney+ Early



After its theatrical run ahead of the Pixar film Onward was abbreviated by COVID-19, the Simpsons short “Playdate with Destiny” is joining its former companion feature on Disney+.

The news was announced via a “hand-written” note posted to the Disney+ Instagram account signed by the show’s lead creative team and “a buncha hard-working animators, man.”

The “nifty little short film” tells the story of a particularly memorable day at the park for the smallest Simpson. Danger befalls her, but she’s saved by a heroic young baby who also steals her heart. The titular playdate goes over famously, but the next day presents some new challenges, not the least of which is her bumbling dad.

“The Longest Daycare,” another Maggie-centric short, will join “Playdate with Destiny,” which was screened before 2009’s Ice Age: Continental Drift, on the service later this month. And next month, the show’s new owner will finally put properly formatted versions of the show’s first 20ish seasons on the service, correcting a grave error that cut off some of the show’s best visual gags.

Oh, and The Simpsons Movie is also on Disney+ to round out your Simpsons watching experience, though one particular episode will remain unavailable.

And if you’re in the mood for more quality animated shorts once the credits roll, Disney+ also has a stacked library of the Pixar shorts that normally precede its movies.