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‘The Sandlot’ is Coming Back to Movie Theaters

Take your kids then buy a bat on the way home.

20th Century Fox

To honor the 25th anniversary of the release of The Sandlot, select theaters will be showing the 1993 instant classic about good kids playing bad baseball on Sunday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 24. Part of a slew of slightly sweetened kids, families, and baseball movies release in the 1990s — remember Angels in the Outfield and Field of Dreams — The Sandlot has retained a cult following strong enough to justify Fathom Events (the people who screen Broadway productions in movie theaters) bring back Smalls, Ham, Squints, Yeah-Yeah, Repeat, and the gang.

For those who didn’t have the pleasure the first time around, the film is about a group of boys navigating life and baseball together in the San Fernando Valley in 1962. It is, in essence, a film about kids taking and dealing with crap. What makes it work is that the characters are fully fleshed out and that the sweetness of the premise never drags the plot towards cliche. Also, it’s smartly scripted. An 8-year-old can watch it and a 25-year-old can watch it and they’ll have slightly different understandings. The former will think it’s screwball. The latter will know it’s a hanging curve.

Then tickets for the showings can be purchased at the Fathom events site or in person, but it’s likely these screenings will sell out — think about all the Little League coaches bulk buying tickets for their teams. So, if you want to return to 1960s California and to the diamond that was such an indelible part of so many peoples’ childhoods, better to put the money down now.