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The Rexcelsior Is the ‘Lego Movie 2’ Spaceship You’ll Want to Build

It's not the biggest 'Lego Movie 2' set out there, but it's the only one with a spring-loaded blaster.

Hot on the heels of Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Lego announced another new playset inspired by The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part at the London Toy Fair today. The Rexcelsior is a 1,826-piece sci-fi spaceship that captures a pivotal craft from the upcoming animated sequel.

The spaceship measures seven inches tall, 15 inches long, and eight inches wide. It’s mostly dark blue with lime green accents throughout. There are four rear-mounted engines and what looks like a control room mounted on the top

Like all well-designed Lego sets, the Rexcelsior isn’t just big; it’s also detailed, with plenty of opportunities for fun beyond just assembling bricks. A “detailed microscale interior” has multiple rooms and compartments with doors that open and roofs that lift off to give kids access to the interior of the ship

But the coolest thing about this spaceship is probably the fact that it doubles as a spring-loaded launcher. Kids can hold the Rexcelsior in their hands and rapidly fire six plastic missiles stored vertically in the ship itself.

There are also five microbuilds — Emmet’s house, a forklift, two interaptors, and a dropship — that kids can complete separately from the mammoth spaceship.

Two minifigures round out the set. Stubble Trouble Emmet captures the hero of the film with drawn-on stubble, an imitation of the effortlessly masculine Rex Dangervest, the other included minifigure also voiced by Chris Pratt in the sequel.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part hits theatres on February 8, but you’ll have to wait until May 1 to drop $150 on this set.