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‘Princess Bride’ Kids’ Book Ditches the Murder, Brings the Love

Available for pre-order now!

Credit: LB Kids

Fans of The Princess Bride have something to look forward to! There’s a new children’s book based on the movie titled The Princess Bride: A Counting Story, and it’s hitting bookshelves later this year. This board book uses popular themes in the movie including “heroes, giants, wizards, and true love” to help toddlers work on their counting skills.

According to the publishers, Little, Brown Young Readers, “There are 6 fingers on the Count’s right hand, 3 outlaws on a mission, 2 destined lovers, and 1 unforgettable story that brings them all together.” It would be inconceivable if your child hasn’t been introduced to The Princess Bride story yet, but if that’s the case, time to mark October 6th into your calendar so you don’t miss out on picking this up.

Last year there were rumors circulating that The Princess Bride might be up for a remake, and that didn’t sit well with people. The 1987 classic is classic for a reason, one the very few “perfect” movies we have to watch. Even the film’s famous star, Cary Elwes, tweeted his unease with the idea the movie might be remade.

The Princess Bride is a one-of-a-kind movie, and there’s a real fear that if it was redone, the concept could be overthought, over-produced and we risk losing the charm of the story we all love. That rumor hasn’t been confirmed, but this picture book is a good middle mark to a repackaging of the story for the parents who grew up with the original movie.

The book has already hit the top spot in new counting books for kids on Amazon, and it’s only available for preorder now if that tells you how excited fellow ‘80s babies are excited to grab this for their kids. Illustrated by Bill Robinson, who is also a character designer at DreamWorks, and written by  Lena Wolfe, this book captures the whimsy of the original movie with a new twist for a new audience.

The book is available for preorder now for $8.99 and will be shipped out and sold elsewhere on October 6, 2020.