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‘The Pill’ For Guys Just Took One Step Closer To Becoming Real

“The pill” helped usher in the age of the sexual revolution. It also ushered in the age of women asking, “Why is this my responsibility? Can’t they make a pill for dudes?” Well, thanks to Japanese scientists, a “pill for dudes” (trademarked!) may be getting closer to a reality.

Researchers at Osaka University recently identified a protein that, when mutated in male mice, prevented their sperm from fertilizing eggs. Scientist found they could easily cause the mutation in just 4 or 5 days by using existing immunosuppressant drugs and, best of all, the mice’s fertility returned a week after the drug stopped being administered. According to IFLScience, “This sperm-specific calcineurin complex is also found in humans and, perhaps one day, inhibiting sperm calcineurin could be used as a way to develop reversible male contraceptives.”

However, in speaking with The Daily Mail, lead researcher Masahito Ikawa brought up an interesting point, wondering that if his findings led to the development of such a pill, “Would women trust men to take it? Perhaps not.” Come on, Masahito. Men are already taking pills for erections — you don’t think they’ll take pills that let them use those erections more freely?