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The New Jersey Devils Mascot (Literally) Crashed a Kid’s Birthday Party

Like, he shattered glass.


Every parent knows that kid’s parties can be overwhelming, but it looks like they’re just as stressful for the entertainment. This week, one dad shared a video of the New Jersey Devils mascot playing a game of parachute with his son’s birthday party guests before suddenly crashing through a nearby window.

New Jersey 101.5 reports that the person dressed in the mascot costume was working a little boy’s fifth birthday party at Little Gym in Edison, New Jersey. In the clip, the roomful of children are happily playing along with the big, multicolored parachute when the New Jersey Devil takes off running towards the window. The mascot then crashes into it, resulting in shards of glass shattering all over. The entire party, startled by the noise, stops what they’re doing and stares.

Though it’s unclear what exactly went down in the clip, apparently, it was all in good fun. The little boy’s father, Lawrence Chiu, later confirmed that “no one was hurt and everyone had a great time.”

The video was originally posted on the father’s Twitter page and was also shared on the official New Jersey Devils Instagram. Hockey fans are also getting particular enjoyment out of the clip after the Devils failed to make it to this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. “An exact way to describe last season,” one fan wrote on the Devils’ Instagram post. “When we’re 4-0 to start the season and then 78 more games happen,” wrote another.

Hopefully, in the future, the mascot can find healthier ways to express his frustrations.

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