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The New Google-Powered Virtual Reality View-Master Is Ready For Your Money

If flying a drone past your styrofoam airplane wasn’t enough, your kid’s toys are officially better than yours were now that the digitally updated version of Mattel’s View-Master is finally on sale. Looking at a 3D image of the Golden Gate bridge from your bedroom had it’s moment in the sun, but the new View-Master would rather kids fly through space to the edge of the known universe.

With its first major redesign since launching in 1939, the brand new View-Master trades in the old version’s 19th century stereoscopic technology for virtual reality. Retro-loving parents can use the new device with 3D VR smartphone apps and the tech behind Google’s “Cardboard.” The details of how it works are very different than Grandpa’s childhood toy, so the View-Master 2.0 is a little more costly at about $30.View-Master SlidesThough it works with any existing Cardboard-compatible apps, you can also pick up View-Master’s own branded VR experiences by purchasing additional “Experience” packs — with themes like Destinations, Wildlife, and Space — for $15 a pop. Unfortunately, the new version doesn’t offer any compatibility with your vintage View-Master reels, and the new reels aren’t actually necessary since the pictures can be downloaded onto a phone. But now that everyone has upgraded from slide projectors to video, the experience remains remarkably similar to Grandpa’s breakdown of his last vacation.