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The Most Memorable Images From the Families Belong Together Protests

The protest spanned over 600 cities.


Thousands of people in over 600 cities participated in the Families Belong Together March, an attempt to voice dissatisfaction with the administration’s immigration policy and raise awareness for the families that have been torn apart. At this moment, there are more than 2,000 immigrant children still separate from their parents and stuck in the custody of the US government.

The practice of separation was a part of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration effort, but, despite whatever message the administration was looking to send, one thing is clear: the Justice Department never laid out a plan to reunify the families they separated, and now, the task of total reunification seems almost insurmountable. It’s beginning to seems like this particular injustice can’t be walked back without a massive effort on behalf of legal professionals and the US government.

Saturday’s march was just one of several acts of protest that have taken place since the current administration began actively separating families back in May. Several people were actually arrested last week when protesters attempted to shut down operations at several ICE detention facilities across the country. While they were able to shut down the facilities for a few days, ultimately dozens if not hundreds of people will inevitably still have to be processed through them.

Not long after the occupations, a federal judge ordered that the families be reunified. Regardless, the manner in which that will happen is still up in the air and many of the people who participated in Saturday’s march still recognize the need for advocacy on behalf of the separated families. Here are some of the most powerful scenes from Saturday’s march.

This morning I woke up on the floor next to Macklin's crib because he was crying for me around 4:30am. A few subway stops away from where I live there are kids his age and younger (and older) also screaming for their moms but noone is coming. Today we went to the park and cooked dinner as a family…mundane activities that cause me to well up lately. It's easy to get paralyzed about what's happening in this country and to think a vast majority have literally lost their minds. But days like today I always feel a renewed sense of hope in my fellow humans. A lot of people care. A lot of people are horrified by what's occurring in our country and a lot of people are determined to not let a scenario like 2016 repeat itself ever again. November is coming and while anger can be a motivator, it's days like today that remind us unity, hope and smart activism can be far more powerful. #novemberiscoming #vote #familiesbelongtogether #wearebettertogether #hope #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #weareallimmigrants

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Jesus was a refugee #FamiliesBelongTogether

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PUT TRUMP IN A CAGE NOT CHILDREN #familiesbelongtogether #March #FueraTrump

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Today, I joined scores of others from around VA, to protest the separation of families seeking asylum in America. By the way, Jesus was also a refugee that sought asylum. Special thanks to the organizers and I encourage you all to speak out against the inhumane treatment folks seeking refuge in America. We had some discussion about adopting some families in Central Virginia. Let me know if you’re sincerely interested in participating with that. The identities of these families will be protected. • • • • • #keepfamiliestogether #keepfamiliestogetheract #familiesbelongtogether #familiesbelongtogether #immigrationreform #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #documentaryphotography #photojournalism #endfamilyseparation #itcouldbeyou #itcouldbeme #notmeus #keephopealive #bethechange #smalltownbiglife #dreamers #farmvilleva #marchonfarmville #humanrightscampaign #humanrightswatch #nomuslimban #refugeeswelcome #keepfightingthegoodfight #shutdownsessions #freeourfuture #familyvalues #commonsense #vapolitics #vagov

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My family and I joined the North Haven community at an inspiring rally for #familiesbelongtogether ☮️ . Hard to see but the people in the middle are holding signs that say, “We really do care. Do u?” .

#familiesbelongtogether #abolishice

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