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ICYMI: Tom Brady Split His Pants Playing Golf Against Tiger Woods

The golf was for charity, but the trolling was for fun.


At various points throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, sports fans starved for programming have latched onto Korean baseball, The Last Dance, streaming old games, and marble racing. On Sunday, it was a charity golf match between Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning on one team and Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady on the other that captured fans’ attention. It drew an average of 5.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched golf telecast in the history of cable.

If you weren’t able to watch “The Match 2,” you missed Tom Brady stealing the show. After taking a penalty stroke on the par-5 seventh, he hit a 100-yard wedge shot that curled into the hole for a birdie. Brady broke his mic and split his pants on the shot, but it was worth it to get back at Charles Barkley, who had been trash-talking the six-time Super Bowl champion all day.

Brady also poked fun at himself on Twitter after the match.

Brady was only giving as good as he got after Peyton Manning set the tone for the day before it even started. During a rain delay that pushed the start of the match, Manning mentioned three caddies he’d considered: his brother Eli, who beat Brady in the Super Bowl twice; Nick Foles, who did it once; and Bill Belichick, the coach Brady just left to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Manning’s trolling was enough to get Brady to stop hitting practice shots and look over, a sign that Manning is the superior trash talker despite going 6-11 in his career against Brady. His partner also got in on the action, mocking one of Brady’s disastrous tee shots.

The match itself was actually pretty competitive, with Woods and Manning winning three holes to Mickelson and Brady’s two. After the event, the four athletes held up a giant check for $20 million that will be donated to charities responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.