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‘The Mandalorian’ Is Officially Returning for a Second Season

Get ready for more Baby Yoda.

Disney Plus

Just hours after the first season finale of The Mandalorian hit Disney+, creator, head writer, and showrunner Jon Favreau confirmed what we all suspected: a second season of the hit Star Wars show is on the way.

The show, which takes place after the events of The Return of the Jedi and before the rise of the First Order, was the marquee original title available when Disney+ launched last month. It’s proved to be a huge success, with positive reviews and the cultural phenomenon that is Baby Yoda.

Favreau said that he was already hard at work on season 2 on the red carpet for the season one premiere, but in his tweet, Favreau for the first time offered a timeline for the show’s return.

Interestingly, Favreau also included a picture of what looks like a model of a Gamorrean, part of a race last seen guarding Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tattooine in Return of the Jedi. It seems like a pretty safe bet that in his adventures next season, namely his mission to return Baby Yoda to its species, The Mandalorian might run into a Gamorrean or two.

The first season of the show shed light on corners of the galaxy we hadn’t really seen before: the inner workings of the bounty hunters guild, the farmers of the forest planet Sorgan, and the story of the Mandalorians beyond Jango and Boba Fett.

Here’s hoping the second season is just as adventurous.