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Impress Your Kid And Hurt Your Feet With The LEGO Treadmill Challenge

YouTube / Where's My Challenge

Earlier this week you were given some practical ideas for how to make use of all of those LEGOs lying around. But if practical isn’t really your thing, the dudes at the YouTube channel Where’s My Challenge offer a much more ridiculous option: The LEGO Treadmill Challenge, which is exactly what it sounds like. While it isn’t exactly exercise per se, it will help you utilize your treadmill as something other than a coatrack.

The challenge itself requires you to run barefoot, because no pain, no gain. From there, you can have your spouse, neighbor, or kid dump LEGOs on to the treadmill while laughing at your expense as you wince like they’re hot coals. Sound fun yet? It’s a tough job, but since you have the most experience stepping on loose LEGOs, you’re best suited for it.

Unlike many YouTube videos, this seems pretty safe to try at home as long as your youngster stays off the treadmill. After seeing your face running on LEGOs, they probably won’t want a turn anyway. Hopefully the next Where’s My Challenge video has something to do with teaching toddlers to give foot massages.

[H/T] Neatorama