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The Key to Better Sex Is As Easy As Changing a Diaper (Literally)

A new study shows that dads who change diapers more often will probably...well...

If you’re worried about sex with your partner post-baby, you should be. There are all kinds of well-documented reasons that couples can find themselves in a sex drought after a little bundle of joy starts encroaching on those precious, precious nights. But, it’s not all bad news, because there’s at least one thing dads can do to stack the sex deck in their favor: Change more diapers.

According to several new studies, all of which were highlighted in a recent article of Psychology Today: “results indicate that men’s performance of childcare is generally associated with more satisfaction with the division of childcare, more satisfying sexual relationships, and higher-quality relationships.”

In simple English: If you do more hands-on childcare, your relationship with your wife/partner will be a million times better, which, we all know, will lead to more sex. (Probably.) Mostly, the studies concerned themselves with middle-class, white and straight couples, but that doesn’t mean the findings aren’t applicable elsewhere. If you don’t change your baby’s diapers or do so less frequently than your partner, you’re creating a situation where you send a message that certain things are not your responsibility. In other words, if a dad is not changing diapers, it’s the parenting equivalent of not being okay with performing oral sex.

Think about it. But don’t think about it for too long, because, chances are, there’s a diaper that needs to be changed. Right now.