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‘The Irishman’ De-Ages Robert De Niro, But We’re Here For the Memes

The movie looks great. The memes are better.

Netflix via Twitter

A new trailer for the Martin Scorsese epic The Irishman aired during The Tonight Show and it’s a doozy. There’s plenty of new clips from the film that, along with some stills posted to Twitter, showing the impressive digital de-aging technology used to make Robert De Niro look like he’s been filming this movie his entire life.

In the forthcoming film, De Niro plays Frank Sheeran, a mob hitman looking back on his life and his career, from youth to old age. That means we see him as a young soldier in World War II as well as in middle age and near the end of his life.

To pull off this trick, Scorsese used a lot of CGI. A lot of CGI. The Irishman is the most expensive movie Scorsese has ever made, in large part because of the high price of digital de-aging. Look at this tweet!

By this point, we’re inured to seeing CGI used for fully animated films and massive spectacle in live-action movies, but there’s something novel and disconcerting about seeing Mean Streets De Niro on screen with Silver Linings Playbook De Niro.

Reactions to these frames were mixed, with some left in awe and others comparing them unfavorably to older titles in the Call of Duty series.

But the best part has been the memes and jokes. “A lot can happen in a lifetime” with four pictures instantly became a joke template and Twitter did not disappoint.

Alternate tweet: Happen in a lifetime, a lot can.

Any meme about aging has to note that Paul Rudd just doesn’t.

A.J. Soprano got the same treatment as if he hasn’t gone through enough.

But the best response might have been the one that only changed 25 percent of the original post to create the movie crossover event that no one asked for.

Still, without a doubt, a classic De Niro diss from Meet the Parents was the best meme we saw. Here it is.


In case you forgot, this joke comes from a scene in Meet the Parents where Ben Stiller’s character claims he can get milk out of his cat’s nipples. Here’s that scene.

Anyways, you’ll be able to judge how well they make the 71-year-old De Niro look like a 2o-something soldier when The Irishman comes to theaters in a limited release on November 1 and Netflix on November 27.