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The Internet Is Incredibly Thirsty for Nick Jonas’ Dad Bod

"I've never been more attracted to him."


The internet has long been thirsty for Nick Jonas, but the obsession has taken an abrupt turn. After photos surfaced of the 26-year-old on vacation in Miami with his wife, Priyanka Chopra, fans are positively shook over his apparent Dad Bod transformation.

Jonas is, of course, not actually a dad, but his slightly squishy tummy and nonchalant vacation stance could easily fool anyone. The photos show Jonas straight chilling on a yacht, happily rinsing himself off with a hose in a white pair of swim shorts. Never known to hold back, fans of the younger JoBro made their affections known on Twitter. “Nick Jonas is halfway to dad bod and I’ve never been more attracted to him,” one user wrote. “Nick Jonas is now so thick…I’m here for it,” said another. One particularly disturbing tweet reads: “I wanna chew on Nick Jonas’ new love handles while I fall asleep at night.” Wowww.

These comments, though somewhat unsettling, are not exactly surprising given the appreciation that dad bods have received in 2019. After Jason Momoa was body-shamed for his “dad bod”, fans quickly came to his defense, saying that the actor deserved to let go a little bit while on an Italian vacation with his family. Thor was also praised for his dad bod in Avengers: Endgame.

It’s clear that no matter how these buff dudes may change over the years, their fans will be there to boost their confidence and thirst over whatever body they’re currently rocking. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.