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The Internet Is in an All-Out War Over How Burnt a Marshmallow Should Be

It's a question for the ages.

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Is there life after death? These are just a few questions worth pondering, but let us present another that is of equal importance: just how toasted should a toasted marshmallow be? Much like matters of philosophy, the internet is divided on the marshmallow front.

After the lifestyle website Food52 shared an image showing a range of toasted mallows, Twitter promptly engaged in an all-out war over which one was “correct.” The photo shows marshmallows labeled from 1 to 10, each a bit more charred than the next. 

Only serial killers would prefer number 1, which is not toasted at all, so we won’t even entertain that one. But there’s a solid amount of support for those between 4 and 10, which provide satisfying crispiness without resembling a lump of charcoal. “5 or 6 are correct,” one user offered. “6-10 but the outside is less important than the inside. Pure goo. Yum,” said another. We can’t say we disagree.

Many were also suggesting that the chart is incomplete. “There’s a massive spectrum between 7-9 that is not fully explored in this image,” one user shared. Another man wrote that his wife’s preference was missing: “where the marshmallow melts and falls off the skewer into the fire.” One heathen dared to tout his opinion that “marshmallows are disgusting and people who eat them are sickos” (don’t worry, Twitter put him in his place).

Of the many feelings shared, there seems to be a general consensus that anywhere from lightly toasted to crispy and charred is ideal. Please roast responsibly.