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Guess Which Country Thinks Dadbod Is The Ideal Male Physique

If you’ve come to terms with the fact that parenting and your college fighting weight are strictly incompatible, you probably wince every time you see a men’s underwear ad — and you’re not alone. British pharmacy Superdrug commissioned a study on how Photoshop is used to create the ideal male physique in 19 countries around the world. Ready to see how you stack up?

The study was an effort to take the piss out of unrealistic body images in the media and was inspired by Superdrug’s “Perceptions Of Perfection” study on women, which went viral last year. The drug store identified a very brave New York photographer named Rich Storm (seriously), gave his bare-chested portrait to designers in each country. With minimal instructions in order to “attain a true snapshot of male attractiveness standards across cultures,” the graphic designers proceeded to Photoshop the hell out of ol’ Rich. So, in Egypt, he became a swarthy, beardy guy. In Russia, he gained pecs that look suspiciously like a certain, shirtless Russian president. In Serbia, he got a tattoo, and in Australia he got a Grade A dadbod. In the U.S., Rich received the sort of chiseled abs that make you want to punch them (and that would probably break your wrist if you did).

Perceptions of Perfection in Men IISuperdrug

Body image issues that are exacerbated by media are usually viewed as a problem for women, but the guy’s edition of “Perceptions Of Perfection” shines a spotlight on things like bigorexia (a real thing, which causes men, primarily in gyms, to see themselves as small, despite already being extra beefy). The report’s authors hopes these images will dispel the notion that you need to look like Rich Storm The American in order to be physically healthy or attractive to others. What they’re really going to do is inspire a mass exodus to Australia, where dads are apparently physical gods.

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