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Why #ObamaAndKids Blew Up Twitter Last Weekend

This past Saturday, while you were kicking ass at parenting (or, you know, just getting caught up), you missed the Father-In-Chief straight blowing up Twitter. It all started when White House photographer Pete Souza did what he does best — snapped a photo, which beautifully encapsulates one of the tiny moments that, in aggregate, make up a presidency. In this case, the image was of a 3-year-old African American boy greeting Obama during a Black History Month celebration. The picture was so powerful in its simplicity that Michael Skolnik was moved to not just retweet it, but also invite his 154,000 followers to share their favorite images of #ObamaAndKids. A veritable Cutepocalypse ensued.

Pete Souza Obama and Boy@petesouza

But, as Skolnik himself points out, this is about more than just heartwarming pictures. #ObamaAndKids recognizes the role Obama has played in inspiring millions of children who, prior to his presidency, had never seen themselves reflected in the country’s highest office. How that plays out over the years is for historians to determine, but how it looks in the here and now is for every parent to appreciate.

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