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The First Trailer for ‘Mowgli’ Promises A Much Darker Take on ‘The Jungle Book’

Welcome to the jungle.

Warner Bros

The first trailer for Andy Serkis’ upcoming adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Mowgli, is here and looks to offer a much darker take on the classic tale. Serkis, the motion-capture master known for his portrayal of such characters as Gollum and Caesar (in the new Planet of the Apes trilogy), has been working on this live-action/motion-capture hybrid for four years, during which time Disney released the Jon Favreau-helmed Jungle Book. However, Serkis has promised that his take on the Rudyard Kipling fairytale stays truer to its source material’s mature themes. By the looks of this first trailer, he’s really not kidding around.

Mowgli follows the classic story of its titular character, a human boy raised by wolves in the jungles of India, and the animals who both help and hinder him. The voice cast for this film includes Benedict Cumberbatch as the evil tiger Shere Khan, Christian Bale as Bagheera, Mowgli’s leopard mentor, and Andy Serkis himself as Baloo, the bear maybe best known for singing “Bare Necessities” in Disney’s 1967 version.

Don’t expect musical numbers in Mowgli, though. The trailer opens with Mowgli trapped in a metal cage, and goes on to showcase some tense action sequences and gorgeous landscapes. Hungry tigers and massive bears don’t look quite as family-friendly when they’re photo-realistic, and Serkis’ version seems to take the wild danger of the jungle to heart.

Mowgli opens in theaters on October 18.