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“The Birthie Stick” Would Let Mother’s Take a Selfie of Their Baby’s First Moment. But, It’s Also a Joke

“Childbirth isn’t something you want to keep to yourself.”

Credit: Amazon / Prank Pack

It’s that time of year where we’re all running around trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on our holiday list. Some are easier to buy for than others, and if you’re looking to purchase the best gift for a mama who is pregnant this holiday, it adds another level of challenge. We want to be able to get our loved ones something useful and memorable, and that’s probably why Prank Pack came up with this prank box called “The Birthie Stick.”

If you look at the package, The Birthie Stick appears to be a fun play on a selfie-stick that allows you to photograph the birth of your child, hands-free. It’s awkward because it hooks to your knees, and if you’ve ever birthed a child, or witnessed it, you’ll probably realize that there’s so much movement during labor that you have to question how it would stay in place. The product comes with “gender bands” so you can switch the color of the mounts to coincide with the sex of your baby.

Credit: Amazon / Prank Pack

The product description reads, “Bring your delivery to life,” says that the “Birthie Stick is sturdy and fully adjustable, allowing you to capture every contraction with confidence.” The side of the box outlines all these fun and cheeky ways you can use this product—everything from standard videos to reactions and unboxing videos.

“Turn your birth into a viral sensation!” the package also reads. OK, and the claims get even funnier from there with more pretend services. “Save time and money by using the Birthie Stick with the new HouseCall app. Just log-on once your water breaks and a board-certified obstetrician will walk you through the birth from the comfort of well… anywhere!”

Credit: Amazon / Prank Pack

It’s like they thought of everything.

This prank box, which honestly is just the box and not the actual product, is supposed to be a fun way to trick your gift receiver into thinking you got them some totally off-the-wall gift, only to open the box and find something actually useful inside. And the “Birthie Stick” is ridiculous enough to have the funny reaction that you’re likely hoping for.