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Yep. ‘The Batman’ Trailer Proves We Actually DID Need a Batman Reboot

Here's the proof. It was time to reboot Batman.

Credit: Warner Bros

If you think several Batman movies and at least three different Batmen since 2005 seems excessive, the new reboot movie, The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, will prove that assumption incorrect. One look at the new trailer for The Batman, starring Pattinson, will make you think, wow, I guess we did need another Batman reboot.

Following the DC Fan Dome virtual event on August 22, the first trailer for the still-in-production movie The Batman was revealed. And wow. It looks slick. Just glancing at the movie, The Batman feels like a remake of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, but without the Begins part. Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon already knows Batman, and the basics of the character seem to be vaguely established. But, the real triumph of the movie is that it’s not just a bunch of white people plus Morgan Freeman. In addition to Wright’s Gordon, we get a glimpse of  Zoë Kravitz as the new Catwoman.

The movie also looks hardcore in that same way The Dark Knight was hardcore, but somehow, there’s something less arty about this trailer. You almost feel like you’re watching a documentary about Batman or a trailer for another movie that Batman just happens to appear in.

Since 1989, imbuing a Batman movie with a naturalistic sensibility is something every director has only partially committed to. Burton’s Batman was gritty for its time, while even Batman Forever gave some real-world stakes to the origin of Robin. And although he was never given his own movie (or a fair shake, really) Ben Affleck’s Batman was the closest we got to a dystopian Batman who has stopped really giving a shit. And, of course, there’s Christian Bale’s earnest Batman of the Christopher Nolan films. Of all of these, Pattinson’s take in the new trailer feels closest to Bale. But, where Bale mostly seemed pissed, Pattinson looks worried.

This simple fact, combined with the diverse cast, makes The Batman seem like the best Batman in years. The world of Batman looks closer to ours, and the titular Cape Crusader seems freaked out about what’s going on. Sound about right.

The Batman hits theaters on October 1, 2021. According to early reports, it will in no way be connected with the shared universe of the DC movies.