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Four of the Best Things About ‘The Batman’ Trailer

And what they reveal about the highly anticipated film.

Gotham City is as covered in shadows as it’s ever been, but the first trailer for The Batman did cast some light on what to expect from Robert Pattinson’s first turn as Bruce Wayne.

The clip, which dropped during Saturday’s DC FanDome virtual event, focuses on a series of notes the Riddler leaves for the Batman at the scene of various crimes. We also see our first glimpses of an appropriately disheveled Geoffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, appropriately cat-burglarizing.

But beyond the fun of seeing beloved actors playing beloved characters, the trailer dropped a lot of hints about what Matt Reeves and company have in store for audiences. Here are three of the most promising and most illuminating aspects of the trailer.


The clip opens with the sound of tape being pulled off a roll as the WB and DC logos flash in red. We soon learn that the tape is being used by a disguised figure on an unconscious body, a man left gasping for air on a familiar leather couch, his face covered in tape with “NO MORE LIES” written in red.

It’s a stunt reminiscent of some of the finest (read: most f*cked up) moments of the Dark Knight trilogy — the Joker’s pencil trick and Bane’s destruction of Gotham’s bridges come to mind. Taping up someone’s face like this to send a literal message betrays similar depravity, exactly what we want to see in a Batman movie.

“Something in the Way”

The trailer is scored with “Something in the Way,” among the darkest songs in the Nirvana catalog which, let’s be honest, makes it among the darkest rock songs ever. The use of a piano-tinged version in the trailer is similar to how horror movie trailers use lullabies and the result is the same: a disconcerting sense of dread at what’s about to happen. If The Batman straddles the line between the superhero and horror genres, you won’t find us complaining.

The Fight Scene

“What the hell are you supposed to be?” a hoodlum asks the Batman before attempting to hit him. His intrusion is greeted with a flurry of punches, knocking him out cold. The Batman kneels down and delivers two extra licks — not exactly the actions of a mature, disciplined fighter.

“I’m vengeance,” he finally replies, more to the assembled toughs than to the dude he just demolished. The younger Batman is, the closer he is to his parents’ deaths and, presumably, the rawer his emotions are. A Batman driven by vengeance instead of altruism (saving Gotham, protecting its citizens) is the kind of Batman we want to see.

The Riddler’s Riddle

Since the trailer dropped over the weekend, a handful of super fans have already taken it upon themselves to solve the Riddler’s cryptogram. The Riddler, who will be played by Paul Dano, appears to be a real weirdo and leaves riddles on the bodies of his victims. In the trailer, he leaves a question on a greeting card: “What does a liar do when he’s dead?” The answer, according to one super-fan, is “He lies still.” Hopefully, there are more mind-bending riddles throughout the film when it’s released.

The Batman opens on October 1, 2021.