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Director of ‘The Batman’ Posts Official Logo, New Artwork Ahead of DC Fan Convention

They say a lot about where this film is headed.

The best source of inside information on The Batman continues to be director Matt Reeves. In February, he posted a camera test to Vimeo that doubled as a dramatic teaser, less for the movie itself than for the Batsuit. Then, in an April interview, he expounded on his humanist vision for the film and confirmed that, yeah, it’s not an origin story.

His latest release: the official logo for the film and a poster, designed by DC Comics publisher and chief creative officer Jim Lee, for Reeves’s appearance at this weekend’s DC FanDome virtual event.

Both use a black-and-red palette, an aggressive choice that separates this design from the dramatically lit silhouette of the logos of the Christopher Nolan films. In the new logo, a tiny “THE” sits atop a large “BATMAN” that looks scratched and battered.

The new version of the bat logo can be seen across the letters, and you can see that it looks almost like a sketch, complete with cross-hatching and that there are what appear to be seams and rivets running between the top and bottom points of each wing. Sleek, this thing is not; it’s raw, unfinished, and decidedly analog.

Co-screenwriter Matson Tomlin said last week that the film will be very much driven by emotion, and that Bruce Wayne’s status as a victim of trauma — especially a younger Bruce Wayne less removed from the death of his parents — would figure prominently. This logo is certainly in line with that vision.

The logo and artwork reveal is just the latest reason anyone with even a passing interest in The Batman should be following Reeves on Twitter. He used the platform to confirm pretty much every casting decision (with GIFs!), identified the film’s composer with a retweet, posted a set photo on the first day of shooting, and — this is the big one — provided the first (official) look at both the Batsuit and the Batmobile.

We can’t wait to see what Reeves posts next, especially given that with COVID-19 delay in filming that forced a corresponding delay in the film’s release, it’s going to be a while until we get to see the movie itself.