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The Producers of ‘The Bachelor’ Are Casting a Senior Citizen Dating Show

Because people who remember the Johnson administration deserve love too.

In a society that puts youth above all other virtues, it’s easy to remember that it’s not actually necessary for almost all of the people traipsing across our television screens to be young (and fit, and attractive, and…you get the idea).

The producers of The Bachelor are hardly the folks you’d expect to challenge this paradigm. Their empire, which also includes The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and the just-premiered Listen to Your Heart, has never deviated from the hot, young, idealized reality dating show contestant. Until now.

Thanks to ads going into the commercial break during the most recent (24th!) season of The Bachelor and an Instagram post from a supervising producer on the show, we know that the proucers of The Bachelor are “now casting seniors looking for love.”

“Are you Entering Your Golden Years and Looking for Romance?” the oddly capitalized flyer continues. “The producers of The Bachelor are looking for active and outgoing single men and women in their golden years for a new exciting dating show!”

Quite honestly, this sounds fantastic. Recruiting a bunch of boomers into the cutthroat competition, abundant humiliation, and earnest (if misguided desire for love) of dating television is the kind of evil stroke of genius that only reality TV producers have. Old people are funny and interesting, and honestly the novelty of seeing something besides tan, taut, twenty-somethings is enough to make us tune in.

Unfortunately, there’s no trailer or premiere date for the show that we know of; hell, there’s not even a title. On the other hand, if your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, boss, and/or high school history teacher are single, senior, and looking for love, then there’s still time to be cast in the first season of The Golden Bachelor or whatever they end up calling this future masterpiece.