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Parents Are Furious After Video Shows Daycare Worker Pulling Daughter’s Hair

"It's child abuse."

The Jasmine Brand/Facebook

A Texas daycare is under fire after a video of one of its workers pulling a child’s hair went viral on January 17. In the clip, the employee at My Little Playhouse Center yanks three-year-old Amyra Wilson’s braids to stop her from falling asleep.

“No ma’am, eat your food,” the worker says to Amyra as she grabs the sleepy girl’s hair and pulls her head up harshly from the lunch table. The person behind the camera (identified as another employee) is heard laughing throughout the video.

KAMC News spoke with Amyra’s parents, who were shaken by the horrifying incident. “I was an emotional wreck. I was mad, angry, hurt, sad, all at the same time,” her mom, Laquitta Wilson, said, while her dad added, “We just want justice. That’s my baby. And no child should be treated the way that she was treated.”

Even the girl’s grandmother, Shanna Walker, chimed in, saying, “I was furious. My initial reaction was to come and snatch [the worker’s] head off her body… I’m standing here right now, feeling like I’m about to boil over.”

And Amyra’s family members aren’t the only ones who are upset. The video has received over 1,700 comments so far on Facebook, with reactions ranging from shocked to outraged.

“This is heartbreaking and disgusting to watch… It’s child abuse,” wrote one commenter.

A daycare in #Lubbock TX is going viral after a daycare worker is seen pulling a black child by her braids because she kept falling asleep.

Posted by The Jasmine BRAND on Thursday, January 17, 2019

While the case is still under investigation by the Lubbock Police Department, My Little Playhouse Learning Center said in a statement released Thursday afternoon that the involved staff members were “fired immediately” after it was notified of the footage. The daycare added that both the local authorities and the Texas Department of Childcare Licensing were made aware of the incident.