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‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Is Suddenly the Biggest Family Movie of 2019

It's about man-machine warefare, for sure, but the latest Terminator movie looks like it will also be about family.

A new trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate has plenty of the impressive stunts and special effects you’d expect in a Terminator movie, but it’s also giving us an idea of what the movie is going to be about: family.

It opens with a disconcertingly attractive “man” knocking on a door. He asks the clearly apprehensive man who answers, in Spanish, if he’s seen Daniela Ramos.

Cut to the factory where Daniela works. The apprehensive man, now with a dead look on his face, walks up to her and raises a gun. It’s revealed, through a shotgun shell blasting into his head, that this guy is a Terminator. Daniela yells “Papi!” thinking that her father is dead, and we’re off to the races.

The title of the trailer, which is mostly Spanish, is La Misión de Dani, which seems in line with what it tells us about the plot of the movie.

It looks like it will center on Daniela and her brother going on the run with the soldier who shot the Terminator in the factory, a T-800 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sarah freakin’ Connor, played by Linda Hamilton in what looks like a pretty damn triumphant return to the franchise.

Presumably, Daniela’s father was killed by the Terminator and she’ll be sad about that as she figures out why she’s being hunted and starts to come to terms with it. It also seems likely that she will find a new sort of family as the film continues.

Because what better way to grow close to strangers than going on the run from a cyborg that wants to kill you?

Terminator: Dark Fate comes to theaters on November 1.