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Pro Tennis Players Get Into Heated Argument After Dad Disrupts Match From Stands

When Fernando Verdasco complained about a fan talking in the crowd, he had no idea it was his opponent's dad.


Tennis is a sport that requires intense concentration and quiet during points. At this week’s Miami Open, there was anything but as two players, Fernando Verdasco and Thanasi Kokkinakis, got into a heated on-court discussion after a rowdy fan disrupted play. While noisy fans aren’t uncommon in tennis, this case was different. The distracting chatter in the stands was coming from none other than… Kokkinakis’ dad.

The beef began when Kokkinakis complained to a chair umpire that Verdasco was talking during one of his serves. Verdasco said he didn’t mean to distract his opponent, but then began complaining to the umpire about a man in the bleachers who was intentionally heckling and talking during his serve.

Kokkinakis and Verdasco started going at each other a bit and Verdasco once again brought up the man talking in the crowd. Then, in a hilarious Shyamalan-esque twist, Kokkinakis revealed that the man was actually his dad. And that he too was distracted by his own father’s antics. Here is the absurd, wonderful, and slightly awkward exchange, courtesy of Deadspin:

Kokkinakis: It’s my dad—

Verdasco: Huh?

Kokkinakis: It’s my dad, so it’s affecting me.

Verdasco: No, it’s not your dad. It’s the guy on the left, that’s not your dad. He’s the one on the left with the hat. Sorry, that’s not your dad.

Kokkinakis: Which hat, which hat, which hat, which hat?

Verdasco [pointing]: The guy with the glasses?

Kokkinakis: That’s my fucking dad.

Verdasco: Oh that’s your dad? So, I’m sorry. I thought it was your coach.

Eventually, the two were able to clear the air enough to set aside their differences and get back to the match, which Verdasco won in three sets.