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‘Teen Titans Go! to the Movies’ Stars Say Humor Will Save Us All

It's Deadpool for children.


As of right now, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is boasting a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Now, we all know that it just takes a couple of sour critics willing to overthink a children’s movie for that to change, but if one thing is consistent throughout the reviews, it’s that the movie is being praised for not taking itself too seriously. One critic even called it “Deadpool for kids.” During the film’s premiere this week, members of the cast also had some high praise of the movie’s humor.

“The world is ready for a laugh,” Tara Strong, who voices the character of Raven, told The Hollywood Reporter on the carpet.

Right now, the industry is extremely saturated with dark and brooding superhero movies that do their absolute best to steer away from the fact that, at the core, a lot of their plot points sound utterly ridiculous. But rather than acknowledge that it’s okay for something to be silly, a lot of superhero films just shoehorn in forced humor or just don’t use it at all: something co-director Aaron Horvath believes makes the film special.

“It’s refreshing in the sense it doesn’t take itself seriously,” Horvath said. “We take a lot of shots at the Marvel universe and DC Universe as well as Hollywood movies in general, so the lighthearted, crowd-pleasing atmosphere is what makes it so much fun.”

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies isn’t the only time fans will get a glimpse of the squad this year. The live-action outing titled Titans will be available on DC’s new streaming platform DC Universe later this year. The DC Universe version will be going a much darker route, especially when it comes to team leader Robin who can be heard saying “Fuck Batman,” before stepping on a criminals neck to break it.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies hits theatres everywhere on July 27th, 2018