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Teachers Have Taken to Twitter to Celebrate the Last Day of School and It’s Hilarious

Freedom is sweet.


A lot of kids think that the last day of school is all about them. What they probably fail to realize is that while they’ve spent the last several months lamenting the fact that they have to go to school, their teachers have been secretly lamenting the fact that that they have to go to work. Because while parents may be dreading summer, for teachers, this is the most magical time of year. 

And as the last day of school approaches, teachers from all over the country took to social media to celebrate the end of another school year. Of course, teachers love their jobs but it’s an exhausting career and even the most dedicated educators are itching to get some time away from school. And with summer about to begin, teachers are taking to Twitter to share their happiness over the fact that the concept of ‘leisure time’ is suddenly a possibility for the first time since last summer.

Some teachers were excited to get the chance to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little bit of outside reading.

While others were just ready to get the hell out of their classroom for a couple of months.