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Teacher’s Viral TikTok Series Proves Patience Is Definitely A Virtue

This dedicated teacher is the CEO of patience when it comes to rambling children.

TikTok / missfranklinsfirsties

With so many kids doing virtual school this year, parents have had a unique opportunity to watch our kids while they’re in “class.” We’ve overheard the teacher’s lessons for the first time, we’ve seen teachers go to great lengths with little children to keep them occupied and interested in their Zoom class, we’ve seen them go above and beyond for kids. Parents have witnessed what it’s like to have a classroom full of 20 five-year-olds, and they’ve watched dance parties unfold. With these moments — be they in viral video or just regular old real life — some parents might have come to realize that they haven’t been praising their kids’ teachers enough.

A first-grade teacher has gone viral on TikTok for her series of videos she took while teaching, showing just how much patience is needed for teachers to have, especially when they’re teaching in a virtual classroom.

Miss Franklin is very experienced in trying to wrangle young kids. She’s currently teaching 1st-grade students virtually, and she shares some of her days on TikTok. In videos, Miss Franklin highlighted her favorite Valentine’s she’s gotten from students, gives sneak peeks into her lessons, and reveals how she keeps the young kids engaged through a screen.

And she shares super relatable moments that other teachers and parents feel deep in our souls. In one video, Miss Franklin proves why she’s been given the “CEO of patience.” The video and the little girl whose voice we can hear makes this clip equal parts hilarious, painful, and adorable.

“Uh Miss Franklin, I couldn’t —, I couldn’t try to —,” a student began. “I couldn’t —, I didn’t try to — I umm can’t try to get unmute — because when I put my mice down the mute thing, the mute thing, the chat thing, with the chat and the share, and the, and the, and the mute thing,” a little girl says while talking with Miss Franklin. “I didn’t see that coming up.”


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♬ original sound – Miss Franklin ✏️

Miss Franklin handled the child’s answer with a level of patience that feels superhuman. As parents, we’ve had many “conversations” like this with our kids, where they just seem like they’re never going to get to the point if there is one at all. But Miss Franklin is a pro — and the video is great because we get to watch her let the child finish their thought without her interjecting.

She’s reposted the video a few times on her TikTok profile. It’s gotten somewhere close to 18 million views in total.

Miss Franklin has shared a few videos she’s had with a student in her class. The teacher also prompts the students to answer the question: “what is something weird that has happened to you?” And a young student answers back with a warning that could only be thought of in a kid’s brain.


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♬ original sound – Miss Franklin ✏️

In total, so far, Miss Franklin has received over 26 million likes for the videos she’s shared on TikTok. Many of the videos are hilarious. Some are heartwarming. All of them remind us of just how amazing teachers are. And patience is definitely a virtue.