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Teacher Fired After Asking Trump to Remove ‘Illegal Students’ on Twitter

"The Mexicans refuse to honor our flag."

A Texas high school teacher has been fired after requesting via Twitter that President Trump remove “illegal students” from her school. Georgia Clark, an English at Carter-Riverside High School in Fort Worth, thought that the messages she wrote to the President last month were sent in private.

This week, Clark’s school board unanimously voted for her termination, according to local station CBS DFW.  School officials also determined that the teacher’s behavior violated the district’s social media use policy. Clark has already admitted to writing the xenophobic messages, but The Huffington Post reports that she and her attorney, Brandon Brim, plan to contest her termination.

The tweets, which were obtained by local media and have since been deleted, were sent over a period of two days. “Mr. President, Fort Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico,” she wrote. Clark then asked if there was anything he could do to “remove the illegal from Fort Worth”, adding that she needs to remain anonymous because “Texas will not protect whistle blowers.”

She also added details like: “The Mexicans refuse to honor our flag.”

Clark’s recent allegations provoked an investigation into some other questionable behavior, such as an incident where she reportedly asked a student for immigration papers in order to use the restroom.

Hopefully, school officials can get to the bottom of this, and Clark can be reminded that according to the Supreme Court, all U.S. public schools are constitutionally required to accept all students, regardless of immigration status.