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Mom Is Furious After Teacher Tapes Her Daughter’s Mouth Shut During Class

She says the 10-year-old was humiliated.

FOX 17 News

A Nashville mom is outraged after her daughter says her fifth-grade teacher put duct tape over her mouth for talking too much. According to mom Victoria Phillips, 10-year-old Reagan was talking during orchestra class at Dupont Tyler Middle School when the teacher took tape out of her desk drawer and taped the girl’s mouth shut.

“Reagan started to cry, and I am like, what’s going on? Tell me what happened Reagan? And she’s like, well she put tape on my mouth. She put tape over your mouth? And she said yeah,” Phillips recalled of the incident, which occurred a few weeks ago.

What happened next, said Reagan, was even worse: “Everybody laughed at me, and then [the teacher] ripped it off, and [my lip] started bleeding.” Phillips was shocked, as the family hasn’t had any issues with the school in the past, and said, “I am angry, I am hurt, and I am driven.”

Another student in the class claims that the tape was meant as a joke but Phillips isn’t laughing. The mom believes that the teacher’s actions were public shaming—and not okay. “That messes with you for life,” she explained. “And then as a mother to protect, it’s like, that messed up our trust, she felt like I knew about it and I allowed it to happen.”

Metro Nashville Public Schools is investigating the incident along with the Department of Child Services and told Fox 17 that proper actions would be taken if necessary. Phillips is hoping for a public apology, saying “[Reagan] was humiliated.”