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Why You Should Never Order Your Family A Small Pizza

Flickr / Leo Hidalgo

Your kid usually welcomes math lessons the way you welcome financial advice — by leaving the room. It turns out that these 2 teachable moments are lacking the same delicious visual aide: Pizza. A video from ASAP Science explains the pizza equation, which is much more satisfying way of saying the equation for circle area. Putting it into pizza perspective wont just trick your kid into learning math, it will help you avoid one of Papa John’s biggest scams: The small pie.

NPR was the first to uncover this crustspiracy, when they pointed out that a 29-inch pizza, which costs about $30.19 on average, has the same surface area (read: pizza) as 13.1 8-inch ones, which will run you up a $108.41 tab. The secret to not getting hustled is simply remembering the basic formula A=πr2 and plugging your potential pie into it. For instance, if you order a 16-inch pizza, half of that is the radius, so 8 replaces r. Eight squared brings you to 64, multiplied by pi (or 3.14 if you’re old school), making the area roughly around 200 inches. Dividing this by the cost of the pizza will give you the exact dollar amount you’re paying per inch, because learning can be fun provided you’re too too full of cheese to realize you’re learning.

This comes in addition to similar equations in your life, like pizza plus anything equals a pretty good time, and, when it saves you money, there’s always room for more. By far the most challenging part of the equation is admitting to yourself that you should have paid more attention in high school geometry.

[H/T] Life Hacker