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Taylor Swift’s Dad Delivered Pizza to Fans Camping Out to See His Daughter Perform

Scott Swift brought some hot pizza to his daughter's hungry fans.


About 3,000 Taylor Swift fans snagged tickets to her Central Park performance this morning, broadcast live on Good Morning America in advance of her new album Lover, which is set to be released tomorrow. The most dedicated Swifties decided to wait in line all night to get as close to the stage as possible, but they could not in their wildest dreams have imagined who would drop by.

Taylor’s father Scott Swift showed up after dark to make sure everyone was safe and sound in the treacherous New York heat. A video posted to Twitter shows Scott and members of Taylor’s team walking up to a group of fans and handing them pizzas to fill the blank space in their stomachs.

Because what better way is there to say welcome to New York than a hot slice of pizza, particularly when you’ve been waiting on the hard ground on one of the warmest nights of the year?

In a stageside interview, Robin Roberts asked Taylor about her dad’s overnight heroics.

“As a family, it blows our mind that people want to do that. For my parents, they’re like ‘That’s my kid! People are waiting on the sidewalk to see her sing!’ It’s really astonishing to us.”

A brief descent into Taylor Swift Twitter—truly a wild place for the uninitiated—gave us some more details. For one, Scott Swift is a lover of dad jokes, something she probably knows all too well.

And while the pizza rightly got most of the press, Scott also dropped off some Swift-themed guitar picks emblazoned with her picture and the name of her album.

You might assume that everything has changed for Scott since his daughter became a global superstar, but he wasn’t above grabbing some smartphone snaps once the concert started.

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have your kid grow up to be this famous, but it seems like Scott Swift is handling things with style.