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Here’s How Target Is Helping Bring Toys R Us Back From the Dead

Do you miss Toys R Us? Do you prefer Target to Walmart? Here's some good news.

If Toys R Us was a dead corpse lying on a slab, then Target is like the lightning bringing it back to life. After declaring bankruptcy last year, Toys R Us has been making a strange comeback, and now, with a jolt from Target, they will suddenly have an online presence again.

On Tuesday, Target announced that it was helping relaunch Basically, this means that if you find certain items on that website in the coming months (including those super-popular LOL surprise dolls) you will be bizarrely taken to the website to complete the checkout. Don’t freak out! Nothing is wrong! Target is probably merging with Toys R Us to become an unstoppable chimera, but that’s fine for your holiday shopping needs.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like admitting you like Target but have to admit that Target is infinitely a better place to shop for a sweater than Walmart. If you’ve got a little one, there’s also something about the way that Target is laid out that lulls your kid into a kind of zoned-out Target chillness. I’m not saying its ideal, but I am saying I have felt calm at Target with my kid.

So, now, Target is trying to bring Toys R Us back from the dead? Seems fine to me. Relevantly, Toys R Us is also going to start opening-up brick and mortar stores again, which is great. Last Christmas, because Target was totally out of doll babies, I had to find my kid a BabyAlive Doll at Sears, in a weird end-cap next to the freaking drills. So, let’s get (quietly) pumped about this Target/Toys R Us thing.  It feels civilized, even if it really isn’t.

According to the official announcement, this change takes place in November.