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Target Releases a New Unicorn Magic Ice Cream Flavor

Target is steering straight into the unicorn craze.


With the craze that surrounded Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino and Pink Ombré drink last year, and the general obsession with the single-horned mythical beasts, more companies are tryingto break into the brightly colored frozen product market. Target is jumping on the bandwagon with the release of its new Unicorn Magic Ice Cream. And it’s sure to be a colorful hit at any birthday party.

The ice cream is being released through Target’s Market Pantry line, and will only be available at physical stores. Described as a “cherry flavored ice cream,” Unicorn Magic also features another thing people with a sweet tooth might love: candy bits. More specifically, glitter candy bits.

Target isn’t alone in sticking its horn into the unicorn food arena: Lucky Charms announced recently that its would be retiring one of its famous marshmallow shapes in favor of one shaped like a unicorn. Kellogg’s, on the other hand, has made its own very pink unicorn cereal. As retailers Target and Walmart try their hardest to compete with Amazon, developing unique food items that are exclusive to their stores could help drive customers into the brick-and-mortar establishments. When in doubt, trust in the unicorn.