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Target Infant Rompers Recalled — Here’s What You Need to Know

299,000 rompers were recalled from Target. Here's what parents need to know.

Target via

If you have an infant romper from Target that you bought from July 2019 to October 2020, you may be a part of a massive Target recall due to choking hazards. On December 30, 2020, Target and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of 299,000 baby rompers sold at the stores between those dates by different brands. If you have any of the listed brands, you should immediately take the rompers away from the access of children, and they can be returned to any Target store where you will get a complete refund. If the baby rompers were purchased online, customers can get prepaid shipping labels to return the product to Target and then get the full refund. 

What Triggered the Recall?

Target and the CPSC received 16 reports of snaps on the baby rompers breaking, detaching, or falling off the baby garment, scratching babies, and pinching them. They now fear that the snap issue will lead to a risk of children being choked to death. On the UCPSC website, the hazard poses a “choking, laceration or pinching hazards to children.”

What Products Are Exactly In The Recall?

The 299,000 units sold in this product that are being totally recalled include the Cloud Island Waterfront Baby Boutique Romper, Cloud Island Little Peanut and True Navy Rompers, Cloud Island Little Wildflower and Joyful Mint Rompers, Cloud Island Oh Honeybee and Pink Rompers, Cloud Island Floral Fields and Mint Rompers, according to the CPSC. The products being recalled were sold for infants from newborn to 12 months old. To know if your romper is included in the recall, it’s good to know that the product item number is printed on a white tag in the romper — and there about two dozen product items listed on the CPSC website, which you can check out here

Where Were The Products Sold?

The products that are available for recall were sold in single packs for $10 and double-packs for $11 on Target,, and Shipt, from July 2019 through October 2020. The recall number is 21-061. As noted above, you can go to your local Target with the product in hand or contact Target for a shipping label to return it to them for a full refund.