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Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Is Back

Here's what you need to know.


You may want to wait to buy that new car seat. Because on April 22, Target is bringing back it’s popular car seat trade-in program, where you can return old baby gear in exchange for discounts on new ones.

The initiative, which runs through May 4, accepts all kinds of car seats, including booster seats, infant seats, harnesses, convertible seats, and car seat bases. Target will also take products that have been damaged.

In return for bringing your used car seat to the drop-off box at a Target Guest Services, you’ll receive a coupon for 20 percent off which, for the first time, can be used on other select baby products (not just car seats!). Note, however, that the coupons are only good through May 11 but are eligible for both online and in-store purchases.

And where does all that old gear go? Target has said that as part of the environmentally-friendly initiative, it will donate the used seats to Waste Management, which will recycle the materials and turn them into things like construction materials and shopping carts.

“As our guests increasingly look for products and experiences that are good for them, their families and the planet, we are making it easy to have a positive impact on the environment through trade-in programs,” Target wrote in its announcement.

Since the program first began back in 2016, Target has recycled over 7.4 million pounds of material and some half a million car seats.

To find a store near you that is participating in the trade-in program, visit Target’s website here. (According to the retailer, nearly all of its stores will have drop-off boxes with the exception of a few smaller stores.)