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Target’s Car-Seat Trade-In Event Is Back. Here’s What To Know

The event happens twice a year. And that time has arrived!

There are many items new parents need to purchase when they welcome a baby into the world. One of the most expensive items – and one of the most important – is the car seat. Thankfully, Target’s annual car seat trade-in event makes purchasing a car seat or other baby items far more affordable. The event is back, and here’s what you need to know. Budgeting is a huge concern for families, and car seats are expensive. They’re also one of the few items that parents are urged to buy new. It’s not recommended to donate or use a second-hand car seat or a hand-me-down, not only because safety guidelines may change, but because they can expire. And car seats that have been in a car accident, even minor, are not safe to use.

These guidelines make finding a car seat on a budget a challenge. But Target has found a way to help parents budget for a new seat, and help the environment at the same time.

The Target car seat trade-in event began in 2016 and happens, on average, twice a year. The event allows customers to turn in used car seats to their local Target store. In turn, parents can receive a coupon that’s good for 20% off car seats, strollers, and other select big-ticket baby items available to purchase at Target.

How Does The Target Car Seat Trade-In Event Work?

To take advantage of the trade-in event, parents and caregivers can trade in their car seat at Target in a completely contactless way, which is ideal for 2021. Drop boxes for the trade-in will be located inside your local Target store, near guest services. Use your mobile device to scan the sheet on the box to receive your 20% off coupon.

It’s important to note that you need to be enrolled in Target Circle to use the coupon. However, enrollment is free and easy to do.

Guests can turn in up to two car seats during this year’s trade-in event. Even if the car seats have been sitting in the attic or garage just collecting dust, they’re eligible. Target will accept all types of car seats – even expired or damaged ones – including infant seats, booster seats, all-in-one convertible seats, car seat bases, and harnesses.

What Does Target Do With The Trade-In Car Seats?

Since Target cannot sell the car seats, these won’t end up in any second-hand stores. The trade-in event is done in partnership with Waste Management. The car seats will be recycled and transformed into usable items (like plastic buckets, construction materials like carpet padding, and pallets) instead of ending up in a landfill.

Since the launch of the program, Target has recycled more than 1,100,000 car seats – which equates to more than 17 million pounds of plastic so far.

When Does The Target Car Seat Trade-In Event Begin?

The current event runs from April 5 through April 17. The 20% off coupons can be redeemed through May 1, 2021.

Additional information about the event, including finding a Target store near you, can be found on the Target website.