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Target And Amazon Want To Serve You Drinks While You Shop

Target is raising the bar on big box retail shopping by putting in an actual bar into the store. This October, Chicago’s Navy Pier location will be the first Target in the nation to not only sell packaged beer, wine, and liquor, but also serve it to shoppers for whom a trip to the store invariably ends with the need for a good, stiff drink. While spending under the influence might be bad for your credit card, shopping for paper towels and deodorant has never been so relaxing.

If the concept is successful (seriously, what could possibly be unsuccessful about this?), the chain will consider a nationwide rollout. Of course, Target’s arch-nemesis Amazon isn’t taking the news lying down: It just rolled out one-hour liquor delivery in Seattle, which means you can get the paper towels and deodorant along with the opportunity to over-serve yourself without ever leaving the couch. If that program is successful, then shopping could be come downright awesome.