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Study Says The More You Swear, The More Honest You Are

If parenting without profanity seems impossible, you’re right! But it’s not because of all your kid’s mother f–king Legos you keep stepping on. According to a massive study, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, it’s because you’re a really honest dude. No shit.

The paper, titled “Frankly, We Do Give A Damn: The Relationship Between Profanity And Honesty,” (those eggheads are hilarious!) is actually 3 studies. First, researchers surveyed 276 adults online who rated their honesty and use of swearing. Since self-reporting isn’t always accurate, they analyzed the linguistics of 73,789 social interactions on Facebook for honesty and profanity. And finally, they cross-referenced swearing on a state-by-state level with the State Integrity Index of 2012, to see if there was a correlation. And you bet your ass there was.

michael scott from the office

On an individual and societal level, across all 3 studies, cussing was consistent with honesty. Even the states with the highest profanity rates, Connecticut and New Jersey (obvs.), scored the highest on the Integrity Index. Coincidence? Hell no!

Consider this another reason to look forward to your kid’s first four-letter word. Not only is it hilarious, it means you can finally trust them. Not to mention, you have a perfect comeback when your partner reprimands you for swearing: You were speaking your truth.

[H/T] New York Magazine